8-Week DJ Masterclass

About the Course

Becoming a DJ is about more than just mixing beats; it's a journey that requires skill, knowledge, consistent hard-work, and a keen understanding of how to turn your passion into a profession. If you're ready to take the next step in your DJ career, my 8-week DJ Masterclass might be just what you're looking for.

I offer a comprehensive 10-step approach that goes well beyond the basics of mixing. While other DJ schools might teach you the practical skills, I equip you with the tools to translate those skills into a successful, paid career. After all, being a DJ is one thing, being an in-demand DJ with regular work is another thing! And I’m here to give you the real-world, current, and relevant advice you need to make it happen.

After completing the 8-Week DJ Masterclass, you'll be on my radar for potential gigs. I’m well-connected in the industry, and if I see that you've put in the hard work and started setting yourself up as a DJ, I’m eager to help you find opportunities. This isn't just a DJ school; it's a stepping stone to your future as a DJ.

What You'll Learn

History of DJ'ing

Music - Where to buy and how to collect it

Advanced Mixing - Loops, Mashups, Music Theory

Recording & Basic Editing

DJ Gear - Familiarisation with every button on an industry standard kit

Mixing - Beat Matching, EQ'ing

Set Times & Music Programming - how to play according to who, when, where and why

Exactly what you need for your first gigs

The Details

Course Structure

The course is structured to accommodate your schedule, with typically one hour each week for the first four weeks. In the second half of the course, I’ve added an extra hour after the lesson for self-practice, supervised with my feedback. This hands-on experience is designed to help you become familiar with the gear, work things out for yourself, and gain valuable practice playing to a crowd, which is me, and trust me I have plenty of requests to challenge you!

By Application Only

Please note that this DJ Masterclass is by application only. With limited spots available, I’m committed to investing only in those who are willing and ready to give it all they’ve got. I want to ensure that all of my students you're not just passionate about DJing as a fun hobby, but also committed to your own growth as an artist and professional.

Pay-As-You-Go Option

I understand that life can be unpredictable, so there’s the option to pay as you go. Plus, my scheduling is incredibly flexible. You don't have to commit to the full 8 weeks if you find it's not your cup of tea.

Proven DJ Mentorship

Fast-track your DJ career with my industry expertise and hands-on guidance, providing you with essential skills and invaluable opportunities.


Home studio based in St George Area. 10 minutes by bus or car from train station.


Industry Standard DJ Equipment only. Be familiar with the tools before you step into your first venue!

Personalised Training

Move at your own pace and be trained to achieve your specific goals. This isn't an out-dated, cookie-cutter DJ School.

Direct Work Opportunities

Through my extensive network, there are frequent work opportunities for those truly committed.

Any Genre

Can train any genre, and it’s in my heart to train every DJ to be highly versatile!

On-Going Support

I’m passionate about nurturing talent and those who practice hard.

Student Testimonials

Some of my past students who are now playing gigs
Undefynd (Shabab)

"Emalia was instrumental in helping me learn the ropes of DJing that went beyond how to use the decks but also how to properly plan sets, reading crowds and showmanship. Her patience and knowledge helped me find my own confidence to approach the decks with ease and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn how to DJ."

Juan Pablo

"When I started from scratch, Emalia's patient and comprehensive approach truly helped me grasp the fundamentals and build a strong foundation. Her passion for the craft is infectious, and her teaching style encourages creativity and exploration. I really enjoyed the journey of becoming a DJ and Emalia gave me the courage to do it"

Danny H

"Emalia has taught me all there is to know about DJing and has given me the utmost confidence to be able to perform on the decks in front of a crowd! The sessions I had with her were such a vibe and I definitely recommend anyone to her as she will guide you through the basic fundamentals to learning neat tricks when spinning the decks."